Wanderings around Boston.

As mentioned in the cover page; Fridays are spent in Boston.

My options: Blog in the Dana Farber cafeteria, quite nice by the way, and warm in winter. Explore the MFA, I am a member, good on not so great weather days. Wander around Boston, perfect for better weather.

With better weather and wanting exercise, I head away from Dana Farber. My excursion takes me behind Fenway.

It is very colorful. Not being a baseball fan; sorry; it was fun to explore the backside. I used to love to play ball in NYC behind MOMA but that was 45 years ago.

Never having seen the “green monster” in real life this was really perfect.

My real goal was Commonwealth Avenue.  Commave to Bostonians. Years ago many of the town houses were privately owned and the doorway gardens were beautiful. My mother, who lived on Comm, and I used to delight in the gardens. I might give them another try but today was better for other sights.

The center of Commave is a wonderful stroll filled with families and dog owners, and sculptures.

The gardens were “easy care” mostly just greenery which was not high maintenance. Except for…


Wisteria takes about 10 years before it blooms. Hoping mine becomes this luscious.

My wanderings took me back over the bridge and by the locks on the fence. One wonders how many of these lovers are still together. http://bcheights.com

Boston is incredible. The people are joyous. Took a video of some street musicians, but sorry, would not upload on my plan.

It is an easy town for walking. Easier than driving. I have my landmarks. The Pru (the Prudential building),

And the Mass Art building.

These old balconies juxtaposed with the Mass Art building. So Boston.

And as previously shown, the Citco sign and Fenway.

Put on your walking shoes and get out and explore. Many more Friday wanders to come so please like and subscribe to enjoy Boston with me.

Published by Miki Clements-Collier

I am a writer and photographer. My love is sharing nature and the outdoors either on my horses or with my dogs.

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